Ground Pink Himalayan Salt
Ground Pink Himalayan Salt

Ground Pink Himalayan Salt

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Nutrient-rich and ready-to-use Ground Pink Himalayan Salt. Available in 4 oz quantities.

Himalayan pink salt is one of the most sought out salts in the world. The color comes from trace minerals trapped in the crystals making this salt particularly wholesome.

The salt mines that Himalayan pink salt comes from are dated to be nearly 450 million years old. We recommend pairing it with hearty meals or using it as a substitute for table salt.

Additional Info

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Salt

Basic Preparation: No preparation necessary, ready to use as is.

Recommended Applications: This product can be used as a gorgeous finishing spice or used as a rub. Finely ground, the salt adds an extra punch to any meal. Lightly sprinkle on vegetables, salads or rub onto grilled or roasted dishes for a additional flavor.

Product Style: Ground 

Shelf Life: 4 years 

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place