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Versatile, whole Black Peppercorns. Available in 4oz quantities. 

Black pepper is used as a spice in nearly all the world’s cuisines, so it only makes sense that it’s a staple in your spice cabinet. Black peppercorns can be used whole in stews, soups, stocks, and pickles.

Additional Info

Ingredients: Black peppercorns 

Recommended Applications: Easy to use and versatile, Black Peppercorns can be added whole, crushed, or ground.

Basic Preparation: Use whole or grind for a finer texture. Pepper looses its flavoring during extended cooing periods, so it is best to add towards the end of cooking.

Product Style: Whole

Taste & Aroma: Hot, pungent 

Shelf Life: 3 years 

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place