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Vibrant and bold ground Tumeric. Available in 2 oz quantities.

Tumeric is one of the most highly prized spices in the world because of it’s bold flavor and intense color. As a staple in curries, soups, risottos, cakes and numerous other foods, it’s the perfect addition to the spice cabinet!

Additional Info

Ingredients: Tumeric 

Basic Preparation: No preparation is required, ready to use as is.

Recommended Applications: Traditionally used for curry and Indian spice blends, this commonly used spice is a wonderful addition of flavor when prepared with egg dishes, vegetarian cooking, basting liquids, poultry, mustard blends, fish, beans, lentils, or sauces.

Taste & Aroma: Bitter, pungent, slightly sweet

Product Style: Powder 

Shelf Life:  2 years

Storage: Store in a cool dry place